Your ideas
become reality

Olimpia Due can make, to order, ceramic shampoo basins of any shape, size or colour, decorated with decals or constantly new and appealing solutions.

We work for designers, interior decorators and retailers who require tailored shampoo basins for hairdressing salons: project feasibility is determined together with our model makers, to produce products that are one of a kind, tailored to your ideas.

OLIMPIA DUE FOR THE DESIGNER In a hairdressing salon, everything must be just perfect. The fantasy of designers flies high and the Olimpia Due model makers are at disposal to transform any project, including draft projects, into reality, by making design shampoo basins. Various parameters have to be taken into consideration to ensure porcelain basins with special shapes are strong and of excellent quality: only the extensive experience of our personnel can determine feasibility and provide precise indications.
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical consultancy
  • Building prototype and model
  • Making the mother mould for production
OLIMPIA DUE FOR THE INTERIOR DECORATOR Whoever designs the interior of a beauty salon needs suppliers able to support them in making each single designed component with experience and skill, and capable of suggesting technical and construction solutions which make possible a correct combination of aesthetic result, functionality and durability.
Preferring Olimpia Due as supplier of porcelain shampoo basins for hairdressing salons means first of all having at disposal a catalogue of existing products with designs optimized over the years and developed to cater to the demands of the market in terms of appearance, functionality, resistance to use and economic competitiveness. At the same time, Olimpia Due is the right interlocutor for the designer who instead seeks expert hands able to optimize an original design and the production of even a limited number of pieces.

Our services for the interior designer:
  • Olimpia Due shampoo basin catalogue
  • Original design feasibility study and prototyping
  • Technical consultancy
  • Model creation
  • Limited standard production
OLIMPIA DUE FOR THE RETAILER Our extensive experience in making porcelain shampoo basins for hairdressers has enabled Olimpia Due to develop its own catalogue of products with an original design and optimized construction quality, to be able to provide the market with work tools which are ergonomically functional, strong and reliable for daily use and which have a pleasant, original and strong-impact appearance. The numerous personalization and decoration options available for our catalogue products increase the consistency of the range of shampoo basins at the disposal of hairdressing salon basin retailers.

Our plus features for retailers:
  • Wide assortment of catalogue products
  • Chance to personalize catalogue products
  • Product construction quality and reliability
  • Catalogue products with a competitive edge