Olimpia Due, established in 1989 by Marco Lazzari, is a leading manufacturer of porcelain shampoo basins for hairdressing salons and barbers' shops. Olimpia Due is a family run business. It designs and produces professional shampoo basins, using artisan skills and great care and attention to details. Its products are of extremely high quality, strong and long-lasting.

We offer hairdressing shop interior designers and retailers a packed catalogue of elegant porcelain shampoo basins, designed to cater to all major functional and aesthetic requirements. We also provide consultancy and make tailored products to designer specifications and with special finishes.

The company production facility is located in Villa Verucchio, only a few kilometres from Rimini.


Olimpia Due has been operating for the past 25 years and more. During this period of time, it has perfected and optimized its production process, using artisan skills and care for detail in all manufacturing phases. The main production operations and finishes are performed with all the skill typical of a small business concern, despite high outputs. Production of moulds, coating, kiln firing: a rituality rooted in the past, typically Made in Italy, with products exported worldwide.


Olimpia Due has a vast range of products in its catalogue. Top-quality and strong porcelain shampoo basins able to cater to the interior design of any beauty salon in terms of shape and colour. From the simplest shapes to more particular ones, the porcelain shampoo basin in the Olimpia Due catalogue come in various sizes and can be adapted to even very small interiors, without ever having to give up quality.

The company craftsmen also make special shampoo basins to designer specifications. On the basis of the customer's project, the model-makers develop the mould, optimized to obtain a top-quality and strong shampoo basin. The basins can also be customised in terms of decoration, with decals of various types, to obtain a one-of-a-kind product, perfectly in line with the stylistic preferences of the interior designer.